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Trust your gut with effective digital IBS care

Zemedy provides accessible, personalized care for IBS that transforms digestive health and restores mental wellbeing with cognitive behavioral therapy.


Empowering people to better gut health

Improving physical symptoms and overall wellbeing. cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) generates the highest clinical outcomes for IBS. Zemedy provides a comprehensive digital CBT-based program for individuals with IBS when and where they need it.


Tailored CBT program

Restore the balance between your gut and your brain with a 6-week digital care program guided by a digital IBS coach.

Address a growing issue in your organization 

Reduce your staff healthcare costs and minimize the impact of IBS on your business by introducing Zemedy to your team.


American adults affected by IBS


Experience anxiety and depression


Annual medical claims in the US


Most common cause of work absenteeism


Cost savings on medical claims and productivity loss


Team members suffering from IBS


Days of work missed by employees

Number of employees


*Based on Bold Health's projection models for IBS in the workplace affecting 14% of employees

Fast and sustained results

Combining data science and CBT techniques developed at the University of Pennsylvania, Zemedy is a carepath to fast and sustained symptom relief within weeks.

Better overall health 

Through a personalized journey with individual health assessments 

Improved mental wellbeing

Restoring the balance between mind and body through mindfulness exercises

Boosted productivity

Providing the strength to live a limitless life unaffected by a chronic condition

Proven through a clinical trial


Significantly improve quality of life 


Reduction in IBS-related stress


Improvement in physical GI symptoms

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Trusted by people who know what you’re going through

I have found it helpful in dealing with the anxiety that comes with IBS-D. I feel hopeful for the first time in a while.


An amazing companion app for people with IBS.  If you have IBS you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not downloading this.


Such a helpful app; really is making a difference in my life while I move through my GI symptoms and diagnosis. 


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Ready to improve that gut feeling?

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