employee gut health at scale

Zemedy delivers every effective element of IBS self-management, helping your team live limitless lives.


Minimize the impact of IBS on your organization

Affecting 1 in 7 of your staff, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is more prevalent than depression and more disabling than diabetes.


American adults affected by IBS


Experience anxiety and depression


Annual medical claims in the US


Most common cause of work absenteeism

How much can you save?

Save over 20% of your member healthcare costs and generate long-lasting outcomes by introducing Zemedy to your team.

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Tailored CBT program

Zemedy produces better clinical outcomes with a 6-week digital care program guided by a digital IBS coach.

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Scalable care for member gut health

Empower your team with the relief of an effective digital care program that brings fast and sustained results for their digestive comfort and mental wellbeing.


Proven through 
clinical trials


reduced their GI symptoms significantly


average improvement in quality of life


average reduction in IBS-related stress

Helping your employees thrive

Combining data science and CBT techniques developed at the University of Pennsylvania, Zemedy provides effective digital care to transform your team's health. 


Scalable personalized care

Zemedy is accessible to your entire staff 24/7 and tailored to each employee through a digital coach.



Bringing 2x ROI in year 1, Zemedy delivers increased cost savings on medical spend and productivity losses over time


Boosted productivity

Zemedy provides the support and remote care your members need for optimum performance.

Effortless integration

Uniting a scientific approach with the latest tech, we customize Zemedy to your internal workflow and tailor it to each of your employee's needs.

Easy set up tailored to your organization

We take care of a fully customized API integration that fits into your workflow 

Customized onboarding

Each member is enrolled on a customized care program based on the specifics of their condition

Improved health & productivity

With 24/7 access to fast relief and support, members improve their performance

Highlighting employees at risk

A specifically-designed clinical assessment to identify employees who may be suffering

Every tool for high engagement

Each employee goes through a self-administered personalized journey with private coaching

Tailored insights reporting

Monitor employee progress and get customized reports to see the impact on your business

Your team is safe with us

Built with leading experts, our approach is proven and recognised through decades of clinical and academic research.

Randomized Clinical Trial of a Digital CBT App for IBS

Randomized Clinical Trial of a Digital CBT App for IBS

Zemedy is an effective modality to deliver CBT for individuals with IBS, and could increase accessibility of this evidence based treatment.

Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Internet Therapy for IBS

Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Internet Therapy for IBS

Treatment completers experienced statistically and clinically significant declines in IBS symptoms and improvements in quality of life.

Empirical Support for a Self-help Treatment for IBS

Empirical Support for a Self-help Treatment for IBS

This study represents a move towards wider dissemination of and access to empirically supported treatments for irritable bowel syndrome.

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