• Yasmin Norazharuddin

8 food triggers and their alternatives

Finding out the food that triggers your IBS symptoms are great news because now you know what foods to avoid to reduce the bloating, pain and episodes of diarrhoeas. But, what if they are your favourite foods? What if they are your comfort foods? Okay, deep breaths...

It is never easy to know that you cannot have your usual snacks or pizza order. Fret not, as there are always solutions. Here are the 8 most common triggering IBS foods and their alternatives:


Caffeine can cause that urgency to the toilet for some individuals with IBS. Switch to decaf or have it as a latte

Garlic and onion

Garlic and onion have been one of the many foods that IBS sufferers fear of. You can still eat them in small portions - we suggest ½ teaspoon per serving. The best option is garlic and onion infused oils. Never miss a flavourful dinner anymore!

Protein bars

For IBS sufferers who are still counting their protein intake, these bars contain sugar alcohol that is notorious for individuals with IBS. For a quick option, go for rice cakes and almond butter.

Dairy products

Some people with IBS feel some sort of discomfort when eating dairy. Thankfully, we are blessed with science and there are a lot of lactose-free and dairy-free products to spoil yourself with.


Cheese may not taste the same in the form of dairy-free. Do you know hard cheeses like parmesan cheese are low in lactose? But, don’t get excited about this fact and eat a whole block. Eat in moderation.


It could be the wheat or cheese or the ingredients in the sauce that could trigger the symptoms. The best way, if you are eating out, is to ask for a gluten-free base with dairy-free cheese. Still worried? Make your own! We posted one recipe on our Instagram ;)


Swap for baked or popped chips or even popcorn. The amount of oil in normal crisps will add up to the amount of oil you eat in a day, and this can cause diarrhoea.

Soda and carbonated drinks

Well... there isn’t one. But the best alternative if you are craving a refreshing drink is iced chamomile tea. Chamomile helps in giving that relaxing effect and a study also found that it relieves stomach spasm.

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