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Zemedy shows significant symptoms improvement in a clinical trial

Bold Health, a digital health company providing integrative virtual care and digital therapies for digestive conditions, announced the results from their randomized controlled trial (RCT) in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, on the efficacy of Zemedy, a mobile digital therapeutic for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Detailed results of the RCT (N=121) were published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research and showed that patients using Zemedy revealed significant improvements in IBS symptoms, quality of life, and mental health scores compared to the waitlist control group.

"Thanks to this trial, we saw how technological advancement can improve access to effective therapies for chronic conditions that go beyond traditional treatments," says Dr Jossy Onwude, the co-founder and Chief Medical and Product Officer at Bold Health. "Having proved the efficacy of Zemedy for IBS, we can adapt its model for further advancement in the digitally-enabled management of other GI conditions, including IBD and GERD".

Read the full press release here:

Bold Health's CBT-based IBS Self-Management App Demonstrates Efficacy in Clinical Trial | CISION

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