Put gut health at the centre of care

Affecting 1 in 7 people, IBS is one of the most common disorders seen by physicians. Provide personalised digital care with Zemedy, the first scalable, virtual coach-led remote care program for IBS proven to work.

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Personalised care for IBS patients

Affecting a large proportion of the population, IBS is more prevalent than depression and more disabling than diabetes.

Empower all patients to restored gut health

Treatments addressing the gut-brain link, like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and gut-directed hypnotherapy drive the greatest clinical outcomes for IBS. Zemedy makes these interventions cost-effective and accessible for all.

  • Physician visits, drugs and surgery drive $10b annual spend and only address physical symptoms

  • CBT delivers 70% effectiveness, but is typically inaccessible due to the global shortage of specialised clinicians.

  • Zemedy provides access to CBT through a self-administered digital program

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Comprehensive digital care

Zemedy provides every element of effective remote digital care for IBS. Allowing you to monitor your patient’s progress, our care pathway is personalised, digitally-supported and proven to drive significant patient outcomes.

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    Trusted and proven solution

    Built with world-class medical and academic experts, Zemedy is based on a validated CBT intervention to the highest clinical standard.

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    Accessible personalised care

    Scalable for population healthcare, this is a self-administered program that fits primary and secondary care paths, while allowing you to monitor patient’s progress.

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    Virtual coach-led program

    Delivering maximum results through interactive weekly sessions and long-term support, with 82% patient satisfaction.

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    Accelerated cost-effectiveness

    Reducing the overall cost of care while maintaining outcomes, Zemedy provides over 50% drop in medical costs for an IBS patient.

  • 70%+

    IBS sufferers reduce their symptoms and improve the quality of life significantly with CBT

  • 2x-5x

    Year 1 return on investment on medical spend and productivity losses

  • 24/7

    Virtual coach support when your patients need it the most

Expertise at our core

Built with leading institutions and renowned global experts, our approach is proven and recognised through decades of clinical and academic research.

Population gut health at scale

Empower your patients with accessible personalised digital IBS care to restore the gut-brain balance with sustained results.