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Cognitive behavioural therapy effect for IBS


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The most effective approach to managing IBS isn’t just about treating the physical symptoms. It’s all about addressing the root causes, buried deep within your nervous system and psychosocial factors. What brings it all together is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), regulating that nervous system to

improve that gut feeling. While it’s recognised to generate the highest clinical outcomes, CBT for IBS is rarely accessible due to the global shortage of specialised clinicians. That’s why we developed a digital IBS programme accessible at any time.

Your personalised digital IBS care

For you

Complete a 6-week programme to effectively manage your IBS

For teams

Boost your team’s productivity and improve attendance

For health professionals

Minimise medical costs with effective self-administered care

Why Zemedy?

Combining data science and CBT techniques, Zemedy is your personalised path to managing IBS and getting your life back.

Trusted and recognised

Validated through 10+ years of clinical research, Zemedy transforms a global and NHS-recognised clinical protocol into a self-administered, outcome-driven digital maintenance programme.

24/7 effective IBS care

With the first virtual coach for IBS and unique behavioural tools, the programme combines every effective element of IBS relief you need, accessible straight from your phone.

Personalised 6-week programme

Designed specifically for IBS and tailored to you, Zemedy delivers fast symptom relief and helps you secure outcomes with an ongoing maintenance carepath. Freeing you from stress and letting you get your life back. For good.

Improvements that last

Backed by decades of scientific research, Zemedy enhances emotional health, causing a dramatic decrease in symptoms. With CBT and gut-directed hypnotherapy, this is a revolutionary way to restore digestive wellbeing.

Significant symptom improvement

Up to 70% effectiveness with gold-standard research to RCT level

Reduced healthcare costs

Saving up to 50% compared to face-to-face treatments

Boosted productivity

Through reducing workplace absences and preventing care visits

Improved mental wellbeing

Through patient education and mindfulness exercises

Globally recognised

Ready to improve that gut feeling?

Start your journey today and manage your IBS better in as little as 6 weeks.